• What is the typical show size?

           Typical shows range from 30 to 500 exhibitors.

  • Whom should I contact?

                         here to submit details for your show and we will respond promptly.

  • When will  my exhibitors get the lead reports?

           Exhibitors can get lead reports in real-time from portal.

  • What does the organizer need to provide?

           We will need show details, exhibitor list, session details, attendee list and sample barcode badge for the show.

  • Is onsite support available?

           Yes. Additional charges apply.

  • My show is starting soon, is it too late to order?

           We can setup your show under a day, if needed.

Why SpotLighter™?

  • Offers a cost effective, easy to use lead retrieval system for exhibitors and sessions at your show.
  • Works with iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android phones.
  • No equipment rental needed as exhibitors use their own phones.
  • iPod/iPad devices are available to cater to exhibitors not having their own iPhones.
  • Does not need network connection during the show.
  • Real-time leads on dashboard when phone is on-line.
  • Can support shows of any size.
  • On-site support available at an extra charge.

SpotLighter™ Pricing Options:

​SpotLighter™  lead retrieval units allow you to capture, qualify and measure sales leads quickly and easily, increasing your ROI as you work toward your ultimate objective - customer acquisition. 

Product Features

SpotLighter™ Lead Retrieval Units

All inclusive pricing option:

  • ​You purchase a substantially discounted license for all exhibitors, sessions and entry points.
  • ​Sponsorship opportunity available.

A-la-Carte pricing:

  • Per exhibitor lead retrieval starts at $200 per license.
  • Early bird and other time dependent pricing options.
  • Session scanning packages for show organizer around $1000.
  • Revenue sharing options possible.​ 


Simply Visit the   My Show demo link.

After entering few details, you will be ready with a Demo show of your own. We will email you instructions and sample badges.

Don't find something in the demo? Simply tell us; chances are that we already have the feature and we will show it to you.

SpotLighter™ at Your Shows

Ready for a Test Drive?


  • ​Cost-effective.​
  • Quick setup
  • Various pricing and sponsorship options to suit your budget.
  • Proven lead retrieval system for person visiting a booth or attending a session.
  • ​Detailed reports for better insight to understand patterns and issues.

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