Q:  Can I see sample qualifiers?

Q:  Can I see sample report that I will get?

Q: Whom should I call for support?

For support call John at 703.665.6607.

Q: Do I need network connection to use SpotLighter?

No. SpotLighter is installed and configured for reading badges for your show when you receive it. Simply, follow instructions in the user guide and start reading attendee badges.

Q: Do I need to be connected to power to use SpotLighter?

No. SpotLighter is a wireless unit. You can charge it every night and it will be able to read badges during normal show hours. However, if needed, it can be charged from any USB port of laptop or similar device. We provide charging equipment for both IPod and scanner unit.

Q: How much training is needed to use SpotLighter?

SpotLighter is so simple to use that you can become expert in 5 minutes. SpotLighter shipment includes a user guide that explains the product step-by-step.

Q: Can I use my own iPhone or iPad equipment with SpotLighter?

Yes. SpotLighter shipment contains iPod and reader for the attendee badge. By following few steps, you can use your own iPhone or iPad device instead but the rental charges remain the same i.e. $350.

Q: Will SpotLighter read all show badges?

SpotLighter can read most trade show badges that record attendee data on barcode or mag-stripe badges. Some shows encrypt the data, preventing SpotLighter from reading attendee information from the badges. You can send list of shows that you plan to exhibit at and we will verify if SpotLighter will support those badges with more accuracy.

Q: When will I get my lead reports?

Typically, you will return SpotLighter units in their original shipment box using pre-paid return label. After, we receive these units; you will receive Excel formatted reports within 1 business day.

Q: What is included in SpotLighter rental?

  • SpotLighter rental charge is $350 per rental unit per show.

  • The rental shipment includes iPod & scanner hardware with SpotLighter software pre-programmed for the show.

  • Rental includes delivery and return shipment charges (we ship SpotLighter units to you & include return shipment labels).

  • You receive Excel reports within one business day.

  • The rental charges include up to 20 custom qualifiers & free format notes.


What does SpotLighter™  Offer?

SpotLighter is designed for trade show exhibitors for collecting and qualifying leads. SpotLighter can collect leads from following sources

  • Barcode badge scan.
  • Magnetic strip badge scan.
  • Entering badge ID using numeric keyboard.
  • Business card scan.
  • Also, along with above sources you can always enter lead information manually.
  • Lead entered in any of the above forms can be qualified using qualifiers set for the show.
  • In addition, free form notes can be entered.
  • Leads can be reviewed, edited so that corrected leads can be given to sales team for further follow-up.
  • It also offers reports by email.